Open Up Kentucky! 2 Hour Recording Session Give Away!

Nitrosonic Studios and Kentucky Green Grass Partner up


The partnership between Kentucky Green Grass and Nitrosonic Studios is a natural progression in our goal to become the CBD for musicians. Last year we found ourselves in the green rooms of 8 different festivals, providing free CBD suckers for those who were sharing the stage as a way to say “Thank You!” for sharing their talent with us. We know that the touring life isn’t easy on the body or the mind and that playing music doesn’t stop just because they stepped off stage. Really and truly we’d like to stick with them long after they’ve gone home. We want to make their practices last longer, be more productive because they aren’t in pain. We want their shows to be as fun and easy going as possible both physically and mentally!

When Nitrosonic Studios approached us about swapping our CBD products for studio time gift certificates we knew immediately that would be an excellent trade. But we weren’t sure what we would do with them at the time, we just knew that getting some studio time in the hands of the talent we appreciate so much was a must. But how to choose?? And then it hit me - OPEN MIC!! We happen to have several friends who have been hosting open mics for a long time - Scobee with his Micadelic Mondays in Lexington and Katie Didit with Listen Locally in Louisville. I approached them with the gist of my plan and we got to working out the details of our Open Up Kentucky Project!

Nitrosonic Studios came in with the big guns and offered to host an extra recording session for all those participants who came all 4 nights in January, plus an onsite recording session the night we announce the winners and we all pitched in our marketing efforts to make some noise. We really want to give all the Lexington and Louisville talent (comedy and poetry included!!) an opportunity to win a 2 hour session with Nitrosonic Studios and plus reward those who have been long time supporters of open Mic Nights with digital copies of their performances! 

What began as simple trade has become an amazing project spanning 2 cities, incorporating 6 small businesses (and growing) and if successful has the potential to happen in other Kentucky locations this year!


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