Does your soil need remediation?

Yes, hemp can clean that!

Do you have agricultural land that has been contaminated by excessive amounts of fertilizers and pesticides or have soil near a landfill where harmful contaminants have leached into the surrounding soil? Phosphate fertilizers are one cause of the build up of Cadmium (Cd), a very toxic metal, in agricultural land (Salmanzadeh 2017). Other sources of Cd are exhaust from cars and waste from industrial processes. A study done in China (2011) concluded that many hemp varieties have a high tolerance to Cd stress and are therefore good candidates for use in phytoremediation.

To be effective in soil remediation, more than just the very top layer of dirt needs to be cleaned of pollutants. Industrial hemp is a relatively tall plant with roots that are about 1.5-3 ft. in length. This makes it attractive because hemp is able to reach deep into the soil and therefore be much more effective at removing widespread contamination (Citterio 2003). Like icing on the cake, while hemp is cleaning the soil, it can act as a carbon sink, to reduce greenhouse gases.

If you are considering growing hemp to clean your soil and would like to speak with us more on the topic click here to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.


Once the phytoremediation hemp is grown, it should not be used for food or medicine, but can safely be converted into fuel.

You don’t want the toxins that the plant just soaked out of the ground…which is a distinct possibility if you consume hemp products.

This is especially applicable when hemp is concentrated into oil or products like CBD. The CBD concentrate can have more toxins than the plant.

So, the hemp you use for medicine and food needs to be grown on clean farms, and better yet tested for toxins and other contaminants. The hemp or cannabis-based medicine you consume should be free of mold, pesticides, and heavy metals. That is critical, especially if you have an acute illness. 

Here at Kentucky Green Grass we have posted our tests online for transparency with our customers.