AquaChar Agriculture Partnership with Kentucky Green Grass


Kentucky Green Grass Partners with AquaChar

AquaChar is a natural alternative to activated carbon that presents clean water to the roots and enhances microbial balance in the soil.

AquaChar has a process to bring wood well beyond its normal ash point (without breaking apart) using a controlled-oxygen environment. This structures the carbon bonds inside AquaChar to push out the VOCs which be burned as fuel to increase the temperature. This keeps the natural meso and macro-pores of trees while our steam-based cool down process increases the micro-pores and surface area.

Through a combination of chemistry and engineering they have created a water purifying carbon made from renewable natural resources that is one-fourth the weight of traditional activated carbon. The natural shape and size of AquaChar allows for massive colonies of beneficial bacteria to break down organics while allowing the slow release of stored oxygen to help maintain healthy, stable water parameters.

Using AquaChar as a substrate in your aquaponic system will buffers pH while cleaning the water for months.  This miraculous product has a multiphase life cycle which begins once it has absorbed all the impurities in the water in your system. 


Now You Can Grow Kentucky Proud Hemp like Kentucky Green Grass!