New CBD Oil Product Line - Perryville Estate

New CBD Oil Product Line - Perryville Estate

You Told Us Your Stories and We Listened!

Overwhelmingly - in our reviews and conversations with customers, you let us know that our hemp strain Kentucky Woman is effective at providing relief, however, the cost is still too high for many.  

We began this endeavor with one thing in mind: affordable, accessible CBD for everyone. Our initial pricing strategy brought us far below the competition's prices even while using a very complex extraction method called C02 for bottling our oil. 

Excitingly, with further research we found an equally clean, safe and efficient processing method called ethanol extraction which allowed us to bring the cost of bottling down enough to provide some financial relief and add new flavors to our tinctures!

Ethanol extraction processes lets us to recover up to 97 percent of the ethanol used during an extraction, allowing for the reuse of that material in further extractions - which is one of the reasons why it cost less to use this method and we immediately passed those savings on to you. 

The Perryville Estate product line comes from a single-sourced estate grown hemp strain Kentucky Woman, which was lovingly cultivated by our hands and we are very excited to bring you Cinnamon, Blueberry, Peppermint and Natural flavors!

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