Wholesale with Kentucky Green Grass

First of all, thank you for your interest in sharing our product with your customers! 

Meet the team!

Our distribution partner is Kentucky Cannabis Distribution (KCD) out of Lexington, KY., however; at times you may find yourself working with the Kentucky Green Grass (KYGG) team.  Because we all have our specialties, we thought we'd introduce the voice on the other end of the line 🧐

If you are seeking our CBD in tincture or candy form, or if you are interested in our body care line for resale in your business you will often find yourself talking with Bryan Engel (KCD) or Rae Edmiston (KYGG). 

Wholesale Price List Downloadable PDF

KYGG Wholesale Pricelist

Bryan Image - Business card

~ Rae

Kentucky Green Grass Rae Edmiston Business Card

~ Scott

If you are seeking our hemp biomass, our seed for cultivation or bulk amounts of a processed form (isolates, crud oil etc) you will probably find yourself working with Scott Brown.

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